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Ultimate Summertime Saga Guide – All Routes and Walkthroughs

Level up your gameplay with Summertime Saga guide. Explore every route, challenges, and follow walkthroughs to immerse yourself in the game.



summertime saga guide

Ready to embark on an exciting journey filled with captivating storylines and thrilling adventures? Just scroll down and dive into the Summertime Saga guide with Hackzon.

Whether you’re a seasoned player or just starting your Summertime Saga guide, this comprehensive walkthrough will be your trusty companion, providing all the tips, tricks, and guidance you need to navigate the game.

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Let’s embark on this adventure together and discover the magic that awaits you in this captivating visual novel game!

Summertime Saga Guide – Walkthrough on All Routes

In Summertime Saga guide, your choices truly hold significance, and our fun and informative tutorial ensures you possess all the skills required to make the right decisions and unlock each character’s route.

Whether it’s romance, adventure, or mystery you seek, rest assured that we’ve got you covered.

1. Debbie’s Route Walkthrough

summertime saga guide

Debbie is a selfless and caring woman who offers the main character a home after their father’s passing. She fosters others with warmth and plays a crucial role in Summertime Saga’s storyline.


  • Charisma 5
  • $150

Offer Help to Debbie

  • Begin by offering help with the lawn and a gas tank to fill the mover. Afterward, head to the basement with your dirty clothes.
  • The following day, open the door to Mrs. Johnson, the man downstairs.
  • Fix the shower pipe and close the valve in the basement.
  • Secretly observe Debbie while she showers and visit the housefront the day after.
  • The next day, go to the entrance and assist Debbie with the vacuum.


  • Visit Debbie’s bedroom, get her undergarments, watch TV, and give her a massage.
  • The next day, take her to the mall.
  • Ask her to teach you to kiss.
  • Make an insurance claim with the dealer for 7 free charisma.
  • Interact in her bedroom, living room, and kitchen for more sultry scenes.

2. Diane’s Route Walkthrough

summertime saga guide

Diane’s route is the next most popular in Summertime Saga. Head to your map’s purple structure and tap her garden area.

You must level up your strength and charisma stats to complete her tale. Diane will dazzle you with her adorable grin before explaining her job needs.


  • $400
  • Strength 2
  • Library subscription

Helping Diane

  • Bring a new shovel to Diane since hers is broken.
  • Help her in the garden and wait for three days before returning to her park.
  • She will give you a delivery task and follow Maria to the storage room.
  • After three days, she comes back to her garden for pending work.
  • Take Diane to her bedroom, give her a glass of water, and leave.
  • Return the next day for more garden work, and on the following day, give her the required tools.

Be a Delivery Guy

  • Wait three days, visit Diane, and give milk sheds to Lucy’s daycare.
  • Leave money in her bedroom.
  • After two days, meet Debbie in the evening and offer a pie to Diane.
  • Work in her garden, make a cocktail, and spy on Diane and Debbie in the kitchen for more scenes.


  • Offer help to Diane with her household chores, then wait for two days.
  • Visit the living room and your bed. Enjoy romantic scenes in Diane’s bedroom.

3. Mia’s Route Walkthrough

summertime saga guide

Erik’s next-door neighbor is Mia. She is straightforward and approaches you at the start of school to study together.


  • Strength 2 and Charisma 7
  • $1,670
  • A library subscription

Start the route with a Tattoo

  • Complete homework with Mis. Bissette’s French Dictionary, attend science class and visit Mia’s house in the evening.
  • Spend days at her house, pamper her with donuts and art class.
  • Help with her tattoo, wait for an invitation, and unlock other scenes at Mia’s house.


  • Mia’s ending is straightforward. Visit her house and go to her bedroom for your scene.

4. Jenny’s Route Walkthrough

summertime saga guide

Jenny’s route takes much work to achieve your goals. Her plot has two endings: dominant and submissive. Remember that your decisions will have an impact on how Jenny regards you.


  • Intelligence 5 and Strength 7
  • $2,060
  • A working computer


  • Spy on Jennie in the shower, talk about her financial crisis and have breakfast together after two days.
  • Help her financially, admire her beauty, and give her gifts.
  • Read Jenny’s journal, hack her laptop, and watch videos together.


  • Go to Jenny’s house for passionate scenes.
  • Meet her at breakfast to unlock more living room and dinner scenes.
  • Buy her a necklace and enjoy a romantic night with Jenny.

5. Eve’s Route Walkthrough

summertime saga guide

Eve, a blue-eyed adolescent with partly dyed blue hair, exudes a feline demeanor. She lives with her sister, scarred by a horrible automobile accident that killed her parents, and works in a tattoo parlor to support their family.


  • Dexterity 5 and also Intelligence 5
  • A working computer and also $300


  • Tips Meet Eve in the park, then go to the school’s cafeteria.
  • Follow her to the auditorium, waiting for 2 days, and skip class to take her to the parlor.
  • Convince the principal and Sports teacher about a new dress code and go on your first date with Eve during the French class.


  • If your intelligence stat is 5, you can repair Grace’s bike in the garage on Saturday or Sunday.
  • Afterward, take Eve to the mall, library, park, and Sugartats.
  • To proceed to Eve’s bedroom, buy candles, chocolates, and Lasagna.

6. Aqua’s Route Walkthrough

summertime saga guide

Aqua, the beloved route in our Summertime Saga Guide, embodies enchanting and empathetic qualities, exploring themes of solitude, inclusion, and the splendor of underwater existence.

The story delves deep into Aqua’s experiences, emotions, and connections with those around her.


  • Unlock Forest
  • Unlock Church
  • Get the Golden Key
  • Get de Fishing Rod
  • Unlock clinic
  • Charisma level 7

Beginning- The Treasure Hunt

  • Talk to Captain Terry at the Pier for a golden compass.
  • Contact the clinic receptionist and find clues on the 2º floor.
  • Read obituary records for a boatsmith tombstone clue.
  • Investigate the graveyard and church tower engravings.
  • Open an old scroll in Raven Hill’s hollow tree.
  • Complete the treasure map minigame in the forest.
  • Get the “Derpy Answers” book from the library.
  • Find an old coin in the Fountain (park).
  • Dig under the cross on the small island using a shovel.
  • Use the code “Octopus-Mermaid-Octopus-Anchor” in the hidden area.
  • Give the golden compass to Captain Terry for the golden lure reward.


  • Go fishing and use the golden lure on the hole in the seafloor.
  • Aqua will steal the lure, and you have to follow her.
  • Defeat the octopus and escape the cave (Up-Up-Left-Left-Up-Right-Up).
  • Once in Aqua’s lair, offer her your help and return with Captain Terry.

7. Mrs. Johnson’s Route Walkthrough

summertime saga guide

Mrs. Johnson is another demanding figure in our Summertime Saga guide. You must have encountered this seductive figure while on Debbie’s route.

She owns the home next door and rents Erik a room in it. Remember that this path has 3 possible endings: Erik’s, Alone’s, and June’s.


  • Dexterity 5 and Charisma 5
  • A working computer
  • A library subscription
  • 1,350$


  • Meet Erik and Mrs. Johnson in front of her house.
  • Help Erik talk to Mrs. Johnson in the yoga room in the afternoon.
  • Get and give the Orcette package to Erik.
  • Visit Erik’s basement, buy a VR headset, and replace Mrs. Johnson’s yoga classes. Wait for Anna and enjoy the scenes.
  • Spy on Mrs. Johnson’s bedroom then talks to her.
  • Catch the burglar in Mrs. Johnson’s backyard during the telescope scene.
  • Obtain the Golden key at the park to proceed in Summertime Saga Walkthrough.
  • Invite Mrs. Johnson to the basement, offer her a drink, and choose your ending.


With Erik
  • Go to Erik’s bedroom and find what Mrs. Johnson needs.
  • Wait for one day and then go to Mrs. Johnson’s bedroom for your ending.
  • Ask Erik about his dream woman, and watch for June.
  • Persuade her to become Erik’s girlfriend.
  • To enjoy your conclusion, go to Mrs. Johnson’s residence.
June’s Ending
  • Purchase Orcette Queen Garments for June. It is comparable to the preceding.
  • You invite June to hang out with you and assist her with the final boss.

Wrapping Words

You’ll engage in amazing experiences, form relationships, and uncover compelling tales with precise step-by-step directions. This thorough Summertime saga guide covers whether you’re looking for romance, intrigue, or humor.

So, what are you holding out for? Dive into the immersive world of Summertime Saga guide and let the summer fun begin!

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