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What is ViGEm Bus Driver: Is It a Virus or Malware

Exploring ViGEm Bus Driver and delve into its functions, potential security concerns, and how it empowers gamers with enhanced controller options.



vigem bus driver

Perfect integration of hardware and software is critical in the ever-changing world of technology and games.

Emulation software has transformed how we interact with gadgets, bridging the gap between multiple platforms.

The ViGEm Bus Driver is a notable player in this sector. This virtual gamepad emulation bus driver has changed how platform controllers are used.

But, as cybersecurity concerns advance, the question arises: Is the ViGEm Bus Driver a reliable tool or a possible malware threat like a Polymorphic virus?

Hackzon will debunk the ViGEm Bus Driver in this article by investigating its functioning, safety features, and influence on the gaming industry.

So, let’s look at ViGEm Bus Driver and see if it’s a virus or a legitimate asset in the gaming industry.

What is ViGEm Bus Driver?

The Virtual Gamepad Emulation Bus (ViGEmBus) driver is an open-source project designed to create a virtual Xbox 360 controller device on Windows systems.

It was developed by Nefarius Software Solutions, a community-driven initiative, and it is now widely used in the gaming and simulation communities.

ViGEmBus acts as a bridge between the physical gamepad and the virtual gamepad.

It allows games and applications that rely on the Xbox 360 controller API to recognize the virtual gamepad as an actual controller connected to the system.

It enables gamers to use non-Xbox 360 controllers, such as DualShock 4 (PlayStation 4) controllers, Joy-Cons (Nintendo Switch), or even smartphones, as virtual Xbox 360 controllers.

How ViGEm Bus Driver Works?

The ViGEmBus driver is a kernel-mode driver that integrates with the Windows operating system.

It creates a virtual Xbox 360 controller in the system’s Device Manager, making it appear as a genuine gamepad for games and applications.

When a physical gamepad connects to the system, the ViGEm Bus driver captures the input events produced by the physical controller.

It then translates these input events into the corresponding Xbox 360 controller input format.

The virtual gamepad, created by ViGEmBus, receives these translated input events, effectively simulating the behavior of an Xbox 360 controller.

The real magic of ViGEmBus lies in its ability to communicate seamlessly with the target applications and games.

Regarding the fun, the virtual Xbox 360 controller is just like any other supported controller.

ViGEmBus is an invaluable tool for those seeking a flexible and universal controller solution for their gaming experiences.

ViGEm Bus Driver is the essential driver component that creates the virtual Xbox 360 controller, while ViGEmBusUpdater.exe is a utility to keep the driver up-to-date with the latest versions.

Both work together to provide a seamless virtual gamepad emulation experience on Windows systems.

The ViGEmBusUpdater.exe is a separate executable file that updates the ViGEm Bus driver to the latest version.

It is a utility delivered by the ViGEmBus project to simplify the process of updating the driver to ensure users have the most recent and stable version.

The updater scans for updates and installs them, allowing users to benefit from bug fixes, enhancements, and new features released by the developers.

What is ViGEmBusUpdater.exe Exactly?

The ViGEmBusUpdater process, which is included with the ViGEm Bus Driver Software created by software company Nefarius Software Solutions e.U, is represented by the executable exe file known as ViGEmBusUpdater.exe.

If the ViGEmBusUpdater.exe process currently operating in Windows is influential, you must use caution while eliminating it.

ViGEmBusUpdater.exe may occasionally use an excessive amount of CPU or GPU. It could be active in the background if it is malware or a virus.

Malware and viruses are also transmitted through any exe files. So we must ensure before running any unknown executable file on our system.

Now we will check if the ViGEmBusUpdater.exe file is malware or a virus. Read more below about whether it should be safe to run or not.

Is It a Virus or Malware? Is ViGEmBusUpdater.exe Safe to Run?

vigem bus driver

It is not a virus or malware if the software’s creator is a legal company. If the developer seems suspicious or unlisted, you can remove it using the uninstall program.

To determine if ViGEmBusUpdater.exe is safe to run, you should take the following precautions:

  1. Source: Ensure you download the file from a reputable and official start. Avoid downloading executable files from unknown or suspicious websites.
  2. Scan for Malware: Before running any executable file, including ViGEmBusUpdater.exe, scan it with up-to-date anti-malware or antivirus software to check for potential threats.
  3. Digital Signature: Check if the file has a valid digital signature from the software developer. A valid digital signature indicates that the file comes from a trusted and genuine source and has not been tampered with.
  4. User Reviews: Look for user reviews or community feedback regarding the file. If others have reported issues or suspicious behavior related to “ViGEmBusUpdater.exe,” it may indicate a potential risk.
  5. Official Forums: Visit the official website or forums of the ViGEmBus project to check if they have any information about ViGEmBusUpdater.exe. Developers or moderators can provide insights on whether it is a legitimate part of their project.
  6. System Backup: Consider creating a system backup before running any unfamiliar executable files. If any issues arise, it will permit you to restore your system to its last state.

To stop the vigembusupdater.exe process from running, you have two options: uninstall the program connected to the file, or if the file is a virus or malware like iloveyou, use a tool to remove it designed for viruses and malware.

As per our information, the ViGEmBusUpdater.exe is not malware or virus.

But a genuine file might be infected with malware or a virus to hide itself like a logic bomb.

ViGEm Bus Driver Benefits and Impact on Gaming

The ViGEm Bus driver has several benefits that have had a profound impact on the gaming community:

1. Increased Controller Compatibility:

ViGEmBus expands the list of compatible controllers for gaming on Windows systems.

Gamers can use various controllers and input devices to play games that typically only support Xbox 360 controllers.

2. Customization and Flexibility:

Users can remap buttons and customize input settings on their virtual gamepad.

This flexibility allows gamers to tailor their controller setup to suit their play style and preferences.

3. Accessibility:

For gamers with physical disabilities or unique control needs, ViGEmBus offers an avenue to use controllers that better accommodate their specific requirements.

4. Multi-controller Support:

ViGEmBus allows users to use multiple virtual gamepads simultaneously, enabling local multiplayer gaming with various controllers.

5. Open-source Nature:

Being an open-source project, ViGEmBus encourages collaboration, innovation, and community-driven improvements to enhance the driver’s capabilities continually.

Closing Words

The ViGEmBus Driver is a helpful tool for gamers. It allows seamless compatibility between the controller and various games by emulating the controller.

In the gaming landscape, finding the ViGEmBusUpdater process, the software is safe to use, and open-source initiatives to bridge gaps, enhance accessibility, and improve the gaming experience.

If you encounter any issues with the ViGEm Bus driver installation, try running the installer to repair the installation or perform a complete uninstallation followed by a fresh reinstall.

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