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Is Chat GPT Safe and Legit: Essential Considerations for Users

Is Chat GPT safe? Find out everything you need to know in our informative article. Explore potential risks, privacy concerns, and user experiences.



is chat gpt safe

What first name comes to your mind when hearing AI chatbot? You guessed it right.

It’s chatGPT, a natural language processing tool developed by open AI. It brings the latest features to your fingertips.

But what sets chatGPT apart is its commitment to safety. Users often wonder, “Is chat GPT safe?”, “who owns it?”, “is it safe?”

Although it is a chat bought, its capacities are much more than that.

Since it was released on November 13, 2022, it has gained huge popularity within days across the globe. Thanks to it being open to use for the free feature.

People use it for plenty of tasks, like-

  • Write code
  • Draft an essay or article
  • Draft a cover letter
  • Prepare an essential grocery list
  • Summarize content
  • Get Excel formulas
  • Build resume

…And a lot!

Now the point is, is chat GPT safe? Is it reliable? Let’s find out in this article with Hackzon.

Is Chat GPT Safe? How is It?

ChatGPT is an AI language model that helps you get some information, but you should use any AI tool responsibly because such tools have limitations.

On asking, “Is Chat GPT safe and legit?” here’s what the tool has to answer…

Generally, chatGPT is safe to use as far as you use it as a generative pretend transformer architecture or GPT tool to generate language responses.

If you use it to type something or summarize accountant, there is no harm. It won’t install malicious files or affect your PC in any way.

However, if you want to share your private information for a purpose, then it can be risky.

It’s not only for chatGPT but also valid for any online account. The tool mentions in its FAQs that it saves your chats from training the bots.

You should know some basic security measures and decide whether it is legit.


Open AI is the developer of chatGPT, and here is what it says regarding security,

  1. The server uses encryption in transit and at rest to protect your data from unwanted access. It implies that the data is encrypted when stored and transmitted from one system to another.
  2. There are strict access control techniques like authentication protocols and role-based access controls to prohibit unauthorized persons from accessing sensitive data.
  3. A third party annually audits open AI API to use updated security measures. It helps in addressing potential issues in the system and protecting user data.
  4. The Bug Bounty Program of Open AI is an excellent option for ethical hackers and tech enthusiasts to find and report security issues.
  5. ChatGPT is equipped with incident response plans to lower the impact of possible breaches.

Data Handling

Every and every text you type on chatGPT is received and saved to improve its natural language processing ability.

Here are some data handling practices that the tool uses,

  1. The purpose of data collection is not bad, as Open AI has remained transparent about it since the beginning. It tries to improve user experience through language model training, which may be accomplished solely with user data.
  2. Although it retains user data, it follows strict data retention policies. Your data can be stored until the fixed retention period and then deleted or anonymized.
  3. The tool doesn’t share data with third parties without your consent or in unique circumstances like legal obligations. The third party should also stick to the same privacy standards.
  4. Open AI respects user rights and lets you access and delete personal information.

Even though it is committed to protecting user data, you should think twice before sharing sensitive information because only some systems can fully guarantee complete security.

Does ChatGPT Maintain Confidentiality?

chatgpt confidentiality

Unfortunately, in this case, the answer to the question, “Is chat GPT safe?” is NO.

As chatGPT is not confidential as it accesses your conversation, including your data, and utilizes it for training.

In the privacy policy, the company itself mentions that it collects input, file uploads, and feedback that users give two chatGPT.

It also clearly mentions that sometimes it cannot delete some prompts sweets better to prevent sharing sensitive info.

It reminds me of a case on March 20, 2023, when the creators discovered a problem on chatGPT, and the website was brought down for hours.

Users could not find their history of conversations on the platform. Instead, they found unknown or other’s conversation history.

Open AI soon corrected the bug. It indicates that accidental leaks can happen anytime with such tools.

Possible Risks of Using ChatGPT

Here are some rest related to chatGPT,


The tool provides human-like responses and is fast, free, and efficient, making it readily available.

For instance, it can write thousands of words like a professional writer that two in a matter of seconds.

It has created a danger for employment. Similarly, it can affect jobs that require manual labor or routine tasks.

Data breaches

To access ChatGPT, one needs to use web browsers. Hence, the possibility of a data breach is always present through which any unauthorized party can achieve your sensitive information.

If this occurs, it can compromise your privacy and lead to identity theft or financial attacks.

Inaccurate information

The AI model is trained on a waste of data, which may contain false or biased information.

So the tool needs to be trained based on correct information. When somebody gives prawns related to this data, the tool reflects existing incorrect information.

It is a big turn-off for businesses on individuals relying on AI for decision-making.

What Are the Regulations for AI Systems?

There have yet to be any specific regulations for chatGPT, but here are some regulations for all AI technology, including the tool.

  • General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR)
  • California Consumer Privacy Act (CCPA)
  • Other regional regulations

Best Practices for Using ChatGPT

You are some best practices to follow to minimize the risks.

  • Don’t share sensitive information while giving prompts to the chatGPT.
  • Check privacy policy and data handling methods before using any application of Open AI language models.
  • Using chatGPT models to reduce conversation data associated with your real identity, try to use anonymous or pseudonymous accounts.
  • It’s best practice to keep yourself updated with any security measures or policy changes so that you can adjust your way of handling chatGPT.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q. Can Someone Detect If You Are Using ChatGPT?

Ans. ChatGPT is widely popular now, and everyone uses it for their purposes.

So the writing style is more common, and people can easily detect AI-generated content through different AI tools.

Edward Tiyan, a student at Princeton University, first developed GPTZero, which could detect GPT text.

Now there are several tools like that to detect chatGPT content easily. For instance, Copyleaks, Content At Scale, Originality.AI, etc.

Q. Is Chat GPT Safe To Download?

Ans. Currently, Open AI has not developed any app for chatGPT, and it is only available through the official website.

It would help if you only trusted an option other than Open AI’s official channel to download the app because it can be a scam.

Wapping Words

I hope you will get the proper and suitable answer to “Is chat GPT safe?”

You should use all online services responsibly. Chatgpt is not developed for using it in any illegal activity, but some people may still use it for scamming.

Therefore you should be allowed while share information with chatGPT and always recheck the information for accuracy. Above all, there is no big risk in using chatGPT if you use it to generate general human responses.

Kindly let us know if you have any other questions regarding chatGPT!

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