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Is Gilt Legit or Scam? Legitimacy Examined

Make an informed decision about Gilt🛒🛍️. Our review examines is Gilt legitimacy and reputation, helping you decide if it’s a platform you can trust



is gilt legit

Is Gilt Legit?’ Please go through this review article to find out! is your go-to online shopping spot for everything from fashion to home decor.

Customers love it for the variety of top-notch brands and styles, plus the frequent sales that let you snag quality items at great prices.

What shines is its user-friendly website. Finding what you want is a breeze, and checkout is a snap – no fuss, just shopping joy.

And when you need a hand, has your back. Their customer service is on point and quick to help with questions or concerns about whether is Gilt legit or not.

It’s the place where shopping feels good, and quality meets convenience.

Despite all these features, the site is said to be a scam and received many negative reviews recently.

Thus, Hackzon has researched this site in detail and tried to explain it well, whether it is Gilt legit or not.

What is Gilt?

Gilt began in 2007, taking inspiration from Vente-Privee, and their main office is in Brooklyn, New York.

They are connected to a larger e-commerce group called Rue Gilt Groupe.

Gilt operates from various warehouses in NYC, Las Vegas, Nevada, Kentucky, and Louisville. Initially, they focused on women’s clothing and accessories, but in 2008, they expanded to include men’s fashion.

Over time, they broadened their offerings to include lifestyle brands and products, gradually adding more high-end brands.

In 2018, they shifted control of the company from Hudson’s Bay Company to Rue La La.


Positive Highlights:

  • Popular Website: This website is considered popular with a good ranking, according to Tranco, indicating that it’s well-known and visited by users.
  • Valid SSL Certificate: The website has a valid SSL certificate, meaning your data will likely be encrypted and secure when you use it.
  • Longevity: The website is described as being “very old,” which could imply stability and experience in its operations.
  • No Phishing or Malware: Flashstart says the website is clean and doesn’t contain phishing or viruses, indicating it’s safe to use.
  • Trusted by Trend Micro: Being authorized by Trend Micro is a positive sign for its security and reliability.

Negative Highlights:

  • Owner Hiding Identity: The website’s owner utilizes a service to mask their identity on WHOIS, which may create transparency problems.
  • Negative Reviews: The website has received mainly negative reviews, which suggests that many users have had unsatisfactory experiences.
  • Long Waiting Times: Waiting over a month for orders is considered a significant drawback, which could indicate product availability or delivery efficiency issues.
  • Poor Return Policy: The return policy is described as the worst, offering only store credit for returns, which may be better for customers who prefer refunds.
  • Customer Service Issues: There are problems with customer service, as indicated by calls being made without resolution and blaming external factors like the credit card company.

How Does Glit Work?

is gilt legit

Imagine Gilt as your particular online shopping club for luxury goodies.

  • Membership: Gilt is like an exclusive club. You must sign up for a free membership on their website or mobile app. Once you’re in, you’re in the club, where the fun begins!
  • Fancy Brands, Lower Prices: Gilt makes friends with fancy high-end brands and designers. These brands give Gilt their super cool stuff to sell, but they sell it for less! Yep, you heard that right. They slice off some of the price tags.
  • Race Against Time: Gilt’s sales are like a race. They put those fancy items on sale, but only for a short time, usually just 36 to 48 hours. Imagine it like a flash sale – quick and exciting! You have to hurry before it’s all gone!
  • Save More: Because Gilt works magic with those discounts, you can buy luxury things at prices you wouldn’t find elsewhere. It’s like getting a significant deal on your dream items.
  • Personalized Perks: They look at your shopping habits and suggest things you might love. It’s like having your shopper!

In a nutshell, Gilt is like an exclusive, time-limited luxury shopping experience for members.


Review 1:

I emailed to cancel an order that had yet to be shipped. They asked for my full account name and assured me they would help, but I have yet to hear back.

Hours later, I received an email saying my order was almost shipped. I’m frustrated because I have been waiting hours and sent several emails.

I’m urging them to cancel order number 1151258924 and respond to my emails. – Angela Michael, 1-star rating, August 18, 2023

Review 2:

The customer service at Gilt could be more professional. They didn’t send the promo code for a 10% discount as promised.

I ordered an item on July 8, 2023, and it still has not arrived, with no tracking provided.

Gilt charged me $30 for delivery, and their customer service can’t tell me when it will come.

It could be a better experience, especially for EU buyers. – Luxy Glo, 2-star rating, July 22, 2023

Review 3:

I’ve been a Gilt shopper for years but recently received fake Tod’s shoes. When I reported it to Gilt, they denied responsibility and claimed their products were 100% genuine.

I’ve also received defective items that they refused to let me return. I’ve lost trust in their products and won’t shop there anymore. – Luxy Glo, 2-star rating, July 16, 2023

More Things About Glit

Gilt Products

Gilt initially focused on women’s fashion, like clothing and accessories, but now they offer a wide range of high-end goods.

You can discover famous designer brands such as Dior, Prada, YSL, Chanel, Celine, and Jimmy Choo. Alongside these big names, Gilt has its in-house brand, Alex+Alex.

They offer everything from clothing, shoes, bags, and jewelry to lifestyle items like bedding, duvets, and home decor.

You can find travel deals to exciting destinations like Italy or book reservations at fine-dining restaurants.

Gilt Shipping Policy

Gilt provides delivery to most parts of the United States, with a few exceptions, for a fee of $9.99.

However, the shipping cost may vary based on your items’ weight and location.

While Gilt typically takes 3 to 9 business days for delivery, some users have reported longer shipping times, possibly due to COVID-19 delays.

If you join the Gilt Unlimited Program, you can enjoy free shipping for 30 days after an initial $9.99 fee.

Gilt Return Policy

Gilt’s return policy has received mixed feedback from customers.

They offer two return options: a full refund within 30 days with the original packaging, but you’ll need to cover the $9.99 return shipping fee to one of their warehouses.

Alternatively, you can opt for store credit, which can be used for your future purchases. Refunds are usually processed within 7 to 10 days.

Gilt Customer Satisfaction

Gilt’s customer satisfaction ratings vary. Trustpilot reviews give Gilt a low score of 1.5/5, with many complaints about counterfeit products and difficulties obtaining refunds.

In contrast, SiteJabber offers a more positive view of Gilt, with a 3.34/5 rating based on over 1200 reviews.

Customers appreciate good deals and responsive customer support. They are ranked fourth among the best consignment stores in the USA, according to SiteJabber.

Is Gilt Legit?

Gilt has received mixed reviews, so it is unfair to trust it unquestioningly.

It denotes that Gilt can be a scam! You should not risk your money to buy expensive products from here.

There are other alternatives available that can give you better offers at less risk.

Wrapping Words

It’s reasonable to doubt sites like Gilt as we traverse the vast world of internet buying. Is Gilt legitimate company or a potential scam? We dug deep into this unique retail area to get the desired answers.

Our investigation revealed a world where luxury and affordability coexist, exclusive discounts, and high-end couture cohabit. Happy shopping!

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