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Kaer Morhen: How to Get to It in Witcher 3

Embark on an epic quest to reach Kaer Morhen in The Witcher 3. Our article provides step-by-step instructions on how to get to this fabled fortress.



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Ready to embark on a thrilling adventure in The Witcher 3 but find yourself stuck on how to reach the legendary fortress of Kaer Morhen? Fear not, because we’ve got you covered!

Hackzon guide will walk you through the steps necessary to reach Kaer Morhen, where epic battles and ancient mysteries await.

But first, let’s answer the pressing topic on your mind: how exactly can you gain entry to this legendary stronghold?

So, take your sword, put on your armor, and join Geralt on an exciting voyage as we cross the unsafe roads and discover the hidden shortcuts that lead to the heart of Kaer Morhen.

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So, gear up, and let’s dive right in!

What is Kaer Morhen?

Kaer Morhen, described in The Witcher 3 before your arrival, is an old keep nestled in Kaedwen’s woodlands and mountains.

It was originally the bastion of the Witcher School of the Wolf. Although it no longer serves that role, it remains a home for many witchers, including Geralt from the Wolf School.

This stronghold is critical in determining the game’s finale through vital choices made within its walls.

How to Get to Kaer Morhen in Witcher 3?

Kaer Morhen, like other important locales in Witcher 3: Wild Hunt, becomes available to players as the story progresses.

Although the game opens in Kaer Morhen in a memory/dream sequence of Geralt’s, complete exploration of the castle and its surrounds necessitates completing the following Steps.

Step 1 – Complete Ugly Baby

The “Ugly Baby” quest in The Witcher 3 is an important mid/late game quest that begins Act II.

Players must accomplish this task to reach Kaer Morhen, which becomes available after completing the primary missions in White Orchard, Novigrad, and Skellige.

Finishing the task without giving too much about the plot unlocks Kaer Morhen for rapid travel and exploration. However, before reaching the stronghold, players must complete a few extra tasks.

The Ugly Baby quest happens after major plot events and sets the stage for the subsequent missions.

Step 2 – Fast Travel With a Sign Post

After completing the quest “Ugly Baby,” players in The Witcher 3 may return to Kaer Morhen, the fortress where most of Act II’s plot occurs.

While most of the gameplay occurs within Kaer Morhen, players can leave and return, utilizing the quick travel feature if necessary.

Players may quickly go to Kaer Morhen by picking any signpost and selecting fast travel, as it is a defined region on the map.

After accomplishing Act II’s objectives, players can easily return to Kaer Morhen.

What to Do After Getting Kaer Morhen?

The game has many missions, from big main objectives to minor sidequests. This section contains guidelines to assist players in completing many of these missions.

In this section, we will offer summaries of all the quests in Kaer Morhen during Act II.

1. Disturbance

The disturbance is a brief mission that follows the Ugly Baby quest in The Witcher 3.

Yennefer is dissatisfied with her signal and suspects interference. She assigns the gamer the duty of locating the disturbance with the Potestaquisitor.

Following the gadget’s sound, the player discovers Dimeritium Bombs made by Lambert near Uma. Vesemir disposes of the explosives, and the player returns to Yennefer to take her phone call.

2. To Bait a Forktail

“To Bait a Forktail” is a brief mission in Geralt’s trek through Kaer Morhen. You join Eskel in his search for a Forktail and compete in a dramatic sprint back to the keep.

It’s a short and basic adventure, more akin to a typical monster hunt than a primary mission.

3. The Final Trail

The main plot task is “The Final Trail” in The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt. Geralt and Lambert charge the Phylactery, a pivotal story point.

They set out on a voyage that would test them in various ways. They seek Lambert’s lost boat, battle Drowners and Water Hags, and must decide whether to investigate a boy’s screams or ignore them.

They arrive in a cave inhabited by a sleeping Cyclops dubbed Old Speartip, with the option of fighting or avoiding him.

They then had to cope with a couple of non-hostile trolls. The mission culminates with a chat and cutscene at the Circle of Elements.

4. No Place Like Home

“No Place Like Home” is a popular task in The Witcher 3, serving as a respite from the mayhem. It lacks fighting and is primarily comprised of a lengthy cutscene with talk.

The mission delves into the fallout from “The Last Wish,” which involves Yennefer and includes a memorable drinking game with Eskel and Lambert.

Playing it is a must because of the intriguing character interactions; you will experience it best personally.

5. Va Fail, Elaine

“Va Fail, Elaine” is a cinematic quest in “No Place Like Home” that wraps up the Uma plot.

It features some crafting and chat, providing a break from fighting. Completing it unlocks tasks that will take you away from Kaer Morhen.

6. The Battle of Kaer Morhen

The Battle of Kaer Morhen is pivotal in the game after the quest ‘Va Fail, Elaine”. Player choices impact several factors incorporated within it.

This multi-stage combat marks an important shift towards the game’s final act, with tremendous intensity and meaningful results dependent on your decisions.

7. Blood on the Battlefield

Blood on the Battlefield is a brief outcome of the Battle of Kaer Morhen in which you and Ciri confront the consequences of the battle.

To avoid spoilers, no additional information will be shared.


So now you have all of the information you need to begin your adventure to Kaer Morhen in The Witcher 3.

Remember to brace yourself for the hazards ahead and utilize your Witcher talents to navigate the dangerous regions.

Safe travels, fellow Witcher!

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