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Is Lyst Legit or Scam – Separating Fact From Fiction

Before you shop🛒 on Lyst, know is Lyst legit or a potential scam. Read our review for insights into this online platform’s authenticity and reliability.



is lyst legit

Convenience and fantastic deals at unbeatable prices are the names of the game in e-commerce shopping. One platform that claims to offer just that is Lyst, a fashion-focused shopping destination.

But here’s the catch with online shopping havens like Lyst – it can be a bit tricky to separate the genuine gems from potential scams.

So, is Lyst legit, and does it truly deliver those special offers it promises to savvy shoppers?

To put any doubts to rest, we’ve compiled this comprehensive review to answer the burning question: “Is Lyst legit?”

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What is Lyst?

Lyst, created in 2010 by Seb Trepca and Chris Morton in London, is a fashion search website. You can learn more about them through the PeopleWhiz.

But is Lyst legit? They aim to provide you with various fashion websites for shopping, like Gilt, using cutting-edge technology.

Lyst connects over 160 million users with leading brands and websites. They collaborate with these brands to offer you exclusive perks and deals.

Lyst’s blend of fashion, science, and technology sets it apart. Backed by prestigious companies like LVMH, C4 Ventures, and Draper Esprit, Lyst is a unique player in the fashion world.

How Lyst Works?

Lyst is a bridge between customers, partnered brands, retailers, and a trusted platform. Many users wonder, “Is Lyst legit?” The answer is yes. Lyst offers a personalized approach to discovering and buying fashion items.

While it doesn’t sell items, it lets you explore 8 million fashion products from top brands and stores worldwide.

Lyst is a search engine connecting users with its partner brands and stores. A search yields results from all partners, which you can filter to create a tailored catalog.


Clicking an item reveals the official seller, product details, price comparisons, and “Shop Now” or “Buy Now” options.


“Shop Now” redirects you to the seller’s website, where you place your order directly. “Buy Now” leads to Lyst’s integrated checkout service for select items.

Integrated Checkout

The difference between direct orders and integrated checkout lies in responsibility. With direct orders:

  • Lyst’s role ends.
  • The seller handles everything.
  • You receive order-related emails from them.

Note: Lyst won’t assist with issues in immediate orders.

  • For integrated checkout:
  • Lyst emails you upon receiving your order.
  • Lyst forwards your order to the seller.
  • You get an email confirmation from Lyst once the seller places your order.
  • Shipping and tracking info comes from the seller.

However, you can still contact the retailer for any order concerns, like cancellations or returns. Lyst only intervenes if the retailer doesn’t respond within 48 hours.


Even then, Lyst can’t guarantee resolution. Always remember that direct interaction with the retailer is often necessary regardless of how you order. Lyst’s Terms of Conditions reinforce this.


Lyst isn’t a full-service online store; it’s a fashion search engine. As long as you use it for what it is—a platform to find fashion products—it’s safe and legitimate. But if you expect Lyst to handle your orders, you might run into issues.

4 Must-Knows Before Using Lyst

using lyst

Before you dive into Lyst for your fashion fix, here are four essential points to remember:

  1. Retailer’s Rules Rule Lyst doesn’t have its shipping, return, refund, or cancellation policies. It’s just a middleman connecting you with its partner retailers, each with its policies. So, always check the retailer’s rules before you hit “Buy.”
  2. Research Matters Lyst works with credible brands and retailers, but there can be variations in quality and policies. It’s on you to dig deep and do some homework. Look for online reviews, scrutinize product details (including size charts), and read customer feedback if available.
  3. Beware of Discrepancies Occasionally, you might spot differences between what Lyst displays and what the retailer offers. It can include price variations, image discrepancies, or size differences. To avoid surprises, cross-check the details on the retailer’s website.
  4. Watch for Order Cancellations Lyst occasionally cancels orders, mainly when you use their integrated checkout. Reasons could be stock shortages, mismatched billing info, or card issues. But don’t worry; you won’t be charged, and any pending fees should clear within a week or so.

Lyst Reviews: What Customers Say

Customers’ experiences with Lyst have been a mixed bag. Some folks love their prompt and polite customer service, while others would be happier about incomplete pricing and slow deliveries.

As of August 2023, Lyst scores a respectable 4.2 out of 5 stars on Trustpilot, based on more than 3,100 reviews. But do note there have been some grumbles.

Where Lyst shines is in communication. Many customers have praised their swift replies and attentive assistance.

One reviewer on raved about their “excellent customer service,” saying they’re quick, courteous, and focused. Another chimed in with “great service, great communication!”

However, a few hitches have popped up, like needing more price info and tardy deliveries.

But even with these hiccups, Lyst’s communication game is strong. If you face any issues, contact their customer service for a helping hand.

Despite a few bumps in the road, most Lyst reviews are in the green. Shoppers have lauded their top-notch customer service, speedy shipping, and quality products.

So, whether you’re hunting for a particular outfit or upgrading your wardrobe, Lyst might be your fashion destination.

Is Lyst Legit?

Wondering is Lyst legit? You’re lucky—yes, it’s a legitimate online fashion source.

Lyst doesn’t hold its inventory; instead, it whisks you off to the retailer’s site for your purchase.

Essentially, it’s a fashion search engine, not an e-commerce marketplace. This setup reduces the chances of any online shadiness.

Here’s why Lyst is a trustworthy pick:

  • Global Reach: Lyst caters to over 190 countries, making it a global player. You can shop from practically anywhere and access a world of fashion options.
  • Safe Payments: Lyst secures your financial info with reliable payment methods. They accept credit cards, PayPal, Apple Pay, and more.
  • Thumbs-up from Customers: Customer reviews on sites like Trustpilot and Sitejabber lean toward the positive side. Shoppers praise Lyst for its user-friendly platform, vast fashion selection, and stellar customer service.

In a Nutshell

Lyst isn’t just legit; it’s a safe and stylish choice for your fashion needs.

You’ve received insight into their acts due to our candid review. Remember that information is your best ally as you navigate the world of online fashion.

Make informed choices, and may your shopping trips be full of fashionable finds and worry-free experiences.

Happy shopping!

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