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Beware of Netflix Text Scams: How to Spot and Avoid Them

Don’t fall for Netflix text scams!🚫 Our guide helps you recognize and dodge these scams, ensuring your binge-watching remains safe and sound.



netflix text scam

Doing things online has made life super convenient. But with this convenience comes a not-so-great part: cybercrimes are rising. These are like digital bad guys trying to trick or steal from you.

You’ve probably heard of online scams before, but there’s a new one making waves, especially if you use Netflix.

Yep, the beloved streaming service isn’t immune to these online tricksters.

So, if you’re a Netflix fan, you’ll want to know about this ongoing Netflix text scam.

Hackzon is here to break it down for you and give you the lowdown on how to stay safe in the online world.

What is a Netflix Text Scam or Payment Scam?

In early 2023, experts discovered a tricky scam aimed at Netflix users.

Scammers are trying to trick people into giving away their personal and payment info by pretending to be Netflix.

They send emails that look from Netflix, just like the Amazon account-locked text scam.

Here’s how it works:

1. Sneaky Email

You might get an email that looks like it’s from Netflix. It could say, “You need to update your account – it’s on hold.” It is a trick to make you worry.

2. Tempting Link

The email might have a link to help you fix the problem. But if you click it, you’ll go to a bad website that wants to steal your info.

3. Watch for Clues

Some people noticed the email came from a fake account, not Netflix.

Types of Netflix Text Scams

Netflix, the beloved streaming giant, has also caught the attention of cyber scammers. These crafty individuals employ various tactics to deceive users.

Let’s take a look at two common Netflix-related phishing scams:

1. Netflix Payment/Subscription Issues Scam

netflix text scam

In this scheme, scammers pretend that your Netflix subscription is in trouble. They send you alarming messages urging you to click on a link.

Here’s a typical message:


NetFlix Msg:

“Your Netflix subscription renewal payment has encountered an issue, resulting in a temporary hold on your account.

For a comprehensive explanation, please refer to the attached document, which includes additional media content.

Please check the message in detail.”

Alert Netflix

Payment failed; we will close your account due to missing payments; watch time login <URL>


The Netflix membership payment failed, and the account status is Restricted <URL>.

The provided link leads to a bogus Netflix login page where they trick you into giving away your login credentials or credit card details or inserting a logic bombΒ into your system.

Once they have this information, they can wreak havoc by hacking into your account or engaging in other cybercrimes. It’s essential not to fall into this trap!

2. Netflix Reward/Gift Online Survey Scam

netflix text scam

In another cunning ploy, scammers offer you the chance to win a year of free Netflix or some other “exclusive reward” through a fake survey.

Here’s an example:

Spot the Scam_Netflix_20220610

It might sound enticing, but don’t be fooled – never share your credit card or personal information online unless you know a website’s legitimacy.

These Netflix text scams aren’t limited to text messages; they’ve also infiltrated your email inbox.

Scammers promise exclusive rewards in emails, encouraging you to click on embedded buttons for surveys.

Here are some fake links commonly found in these Netflix text scam or email scams:

shopingmaster[.]com/id/nfr shopperlobby[.]com/id/nfr

However, there’s no real gift waiting for you here. The scammers’ ultimate goal is to pilfer your personal information.

They’ll record everything you enter on these fraudulent pages and use it for malicious purposes, like hacking your bank account or stealing your identity. Don’t let them succeed!

How to Spot a Fake Netflix Email or Text?

Netflix will never send you an email or text asking for personal info like:

  • Credit or debit card numbers
  • Bank account details
  • Netflix passwords

They will only ask you to pay through some other website, too.

If you see a link in the email or text that looks strange, don’t click it. And if you already clicked it, wait to fill in any info on that website.

What to Do If You Get a Suspicious Message?

Scammers can only steal your info if you hand it over. So, don’t tap on any links in those messages, and don’t reply to them.

  • Sketchy emails
  • Dodgy text messages (SMS)

What if You Already Clicked a Link or Shared Info?

  • Change your Netflix password to something strong and just for Netflix.
  • Update your password on other sites or apps where you used the same email and password combo.
  • Remember, it’s safer not to use the same email and password for different websites or apps.
  • If you gave away payment info, tell your bank – it might be in trouble.
  • Forward the sketchy message to [email protected] and tell them what happened.
  • Don’t touch those links or give any info on that website or app.
  • Email the link to that fake Netflix site or app to [email protected]. Let them know what’s going on.

How to Protect Yourself From Phishing?

Even though this scam might slow down, there could be more like it. So, it would help if you were careful online.

Here’s what you can do:

  • Safe Apps Only: Only use apps you know are safe on your phone. Check the app store to be sure it’s real before you install anything.
  • Use Secure Internet: Always connect to the internet from a safe and secure place. Avoid free Wi-Fi in public places because bad people might use it to steal your info.
  • Keep Your Secrets: Don’t share personal stuff with anyone online. Some scammers pretend to be from banks, so don’t believe them.
  • Update Everything: Make sure your phone, computer, and apps are up to date. Updates usually make things safer.
  • Be Careful with Money: When you pay for things, could you keep your card where you can see it? If you pay online, use strong passwords and turn on extra security if you can.
  • Don’t Answer Strange Messages: If an email or text looks weird, wait to reply. Check who sent it. Scammers try hard to look real, so be careful.
  • Think About Cyber Insurance: You can get insurance that helps if something bad happens online. It’s not too expensive and covers things like identity theft.


In a world where Netflix provides endless entertainment, let us pay attention to the need to remain vigilant against Netflix text scams.

So, how can you safeguard yourself? By being educated, exercising caution, and sharing this information with loved ones. You’re not just protecting your account but also helping to make the internet a safer place.

Happy streaming, and stay scam-savvy!

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