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Isolated Divine Tower: How to Get It in Elden Ring

Elden Ring Isolated Divine Tower beckons adventurers. Find out how to get it with our comprehensive guide. Uncover its hidden treasures and lore.



isolated divine tower

Are you ready to go on an incredible journey through Elden Ring’s enchanted world? Well, prepare to be fascinated by the mystique of the Isolated Divine Tower!

Hackzon will reveal the secrets of getting to this mystical tower, which will be a journey unlike any other.

Whether you’re a pro-Elden Ring explorer or just starting on your epic adventure, the Isolated Divine Tower is a must-see place full of treasures, difficulties, and secrets.

Along with discovering the secrets of the Isolated Divine Tower, don’t forget to collect necessary resources like the Sombre Smithing Stone 7 by following our locations guide.

So, without further ado, let us delve headfirst into the adventure and uncover the road to this enthralling tower that awaits you in Elden Ring’s wide and fantastic region.

What is the Isolated Divine Tower?

The Isolated Divine Tower is crucial in Elden Ring because it allows players to unleash an intense Great Rune named Malenia’s.

Players must first locate the Divine Bridge in the Leyndell Royal Capital to visit this tower and use a waygate.

Another alternative, Leyndell, is to activate a warp using the Elevator in Roundtable Hold.

Once they reach the top of the tower, players can activate a grace that provides them access to Malenia’s Great Rune.

This rune is very useful for individuals who favor aggressive playstyles since it helps them quickly restore health after taking damage and retaliating.

However, it may not be as helpful for players primarily using spells or intense melee assaults.

Understanding the soft caps for all stats and qualities is critical whether you’re aiming for the heights of the Isolated Divine Tower or trying to optimize your character’s skills.

Here, we offered to help players reach the Isolated Divine Tower and harness the power of Malenia’s Great Rune.

What Does Malenia’s Great Rune Do?

After activating it, you may be intrigued by the unique capabilities of Malenia Great Rune.

Unlike other Great Runes offering stat enhancements, Malenia’s Great Rune takes a different approach. It allows you to regain some of your health after being hit by enemy assaults.

When you are under attack, there is a valuable five-second window where your attacks against adversaries gradually restore your health.

This technique bears a striking resemblance to the fighting dynamics observed in Bloodborne.

However, this benefit does come with a cost: the efficiency of your Crimson Tear Flasks decreases, as well as your healing Incantations.

This rune proves especially useful for those who prefer an aggressive playstyle, as it adds a dynamic twist to your fighting approach.

How to Get to the Elden Ring Isolated Divine Tower?

There are two ways to reach the Isolated Divine Tower in Elden Ring, depending on your game progress:

Option 1: Via Weeping Peninsula Teleporter Trap

The teleporter trap in the Weeping Peninsula is the fastest way to reach the Isolated Divine Tower.

You will be permitted to enter the tower once you’ve defeated Malenia, and this path is also the sole option if you’ve vanquished Maliketh.

  • Begin at Grace’s Isolated Merchant’s Shack on the western side of the Weeping Peninsula.
  • Continue southeast until you reach a ruined tower on top of a hill. A few foes will be prowling the area.
  • You may run past these enemies and ascend the ladder to the top of the tower, where a chest awaits you. To activate the teleporter trap, use the chest.
  • The teleporter trap will send you to Leyndell, especially the Fortified Manor’s roof.
  • A massive lift is at the bottom of the walkway, but it will be inoperable if you have never been there. In this region, activate a new Site of Grace.
  • Make your way up the steps, where you’ll find a sleeping golem. You can fight it or sneak to the left to discover the teleporter.
  • The teleporter will take you to the Isolated Divine Tower’s base.
  • When you get to the tower, open the doors and take the lift to the top. Two Fingers is there, preparing to trigger Malenia’s Great Rune.

Option 2: Via Leyndell, Royal Capital

This option is available if you have not yet conquered Maliketh and includes beginning in Leyndell, the Royal Capital.

  • Begin in Leyndell’s Fortified Manor, First Floor Site of Grace.
  • Return to the Fortified Manor’s main entry hall.
  • Keeping your back to the entrance door, enter the next doorway on the left. This will take you to an open space.
  • Be wary of two Abductor Virgin adversaries in this outdoor location.
  • As soon as you enter, turn left into the middle courtyard and dash towards the building ahead.
  • There is a massive elevator within that building. It will transport you to the same place as the Weeping Peninsula teleporter trap.
  • Locate the teleporter to the left of the sleeping golem after activating the Site of Grace in this region.
  • Regardless of whatever way you follow, once you reach the Isolated Divine Tower, open the doors and take the lift inside to the top. Two Fingers is there, preparing to trigger Malenia’s Great Rune.

Choose the option that best matches your game progress and have fun exploring Elden Ring’s Isolated Divine Tower.

How to Use Malenia’s Great Rune?

A specific sequence of activities is required to harness the power of Malenia’s Great Rune in the Elden Ring.

Initially, the activation of the Great Rune is limited to the confines of the Isolated Divine Tower. The Divine Bridge’s Waygate provides access to this tower.

However, reaching the Divine Bridge Waypoint necessitates the prior completion of Crumbling Farum Azula, a medieval dungeon situated within the expansive realm of the Elden Ring.

The entrance to this dungeon can be discovered in the “Site of Grace” located in the Mountain of the Giants region, accessed through the Forge of the Giants.

There are two ways to initiate your journey to the dungeon:

  • Engage in a conversation with Melina.
  • Traverse the path illuminated by the guiding flame.

After defeating Crumbling Farum Azula, you gain access to the Teleportation Trap within the Tower of Return.

This trap will lead you to the Divine Bridge Waypoint, which will lead you to the Isolated Divine Tower.

Wrapping Words!

So tie up your trusty steed and embark on this epic quest. The Isolated Divine Tower awaits those bold enough to seek it out, and who knows what mysteries and treasures it may possess?

Happy hunting, and may your adventure across the Elden Ring be full of wonder and triumph!

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