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Valorant Haven Map Guide – Tips and Winning Strategies

Become a tactical genius on Valorant Haven map with our guide. Uncover the tactics that will make you a force to be reckoned with in every round.



valorant haven

Ready to delve into the depths of the Valorant Haven map? If you’ve been aching to step up your game and dominate this one-of-a-kind arena, you’ve come to the perfect spot.

Haven is a wild card in the Valorant roster, with its three bombsites disrupting traditional strategy.

But don’t worry; Hackzon covered you with this detailed Valorant Haven Map Guide with a treasure trove of tips and tactics to ensure you’re always one step ahead.

So, gear up, Agents, because it’s time to unlock the full potential of the Valorant Haven map!

The Valorant Haven Map – Overview

Before we delve into the strategies, let’s take a moment to understand the layout of Haven.

In Bhutan’s gorgeous landscapes, Haven provides a different battleground with three bomb sites – A, B, and C.

This extra site is the map’s distinguishing characteristic. It provides a scenario in which attackers and defenders must adapt and strategize differently.

Haven, one of VALORANT’s original maps, appeared in the Closed Beta.

It is located in Bhutan’s Thimphu District and is inspired by the real-life city of Thimphu, which is notable for its Buddhist temples and monasteries, such as Tashicho Dzong.

Haven distinguishes out for its third control site, which, along with Lotus, is the only one with a C Site where attackers may plant the spike, testing defenders.

Despite its tiny size, Haven’s sophisticated architecture contains small rooms, courtyards, and tight tunnels that necessitate familiarity with its structure.

Because of its beta roots, it’s a nostalgic battleground for older players, and Sentinel-centric defense strategies are required for success.

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The Attack: Conquering Haven

1. Taking Control of A-Site

To be successful as an attacker, you must learn how to secure a site. Several methods exist to do this, given to entries such as A-Long and A-Short.

To make it safer to advance, you can utilize smokes, flashes, or barriers to obstruct the enemy’s vision.

Remember to hunt for secret sewers and lengthy A routes to surprise opponents.

Callouts of A-Site

  • Garden – An area leading from Mid to A Site and Attacker Side Spawn. There are plant levels that can be jumped on for additional elevation.
  • Lobby – a room linking A Garden to both A Short and A Long
  • Long – A narrow walkway connecting A Lobby to A Site. It has an unusual tilt that reduces sightlines.
  • Double – A Long has a pair of square blocks placed on each other sitting against the wall.
  • Cubby – a giant cubby in A Long at A Site’s entrance
  • Ramp – a ramp linking A Long and A Site
  • Tunnels – A descending corridor linking A Lobby and A Short. From Attacker Side Spawn, this is an alternate way to A Site.
  • Short – a sewer-like region going from A Tunnels to A Site
  • Heaven – A tower that overlooks the great bulk of A Site. Defenders may access it from their Spawn.
  • Hell – a three-sided enclosed covered region under Heaven
  • Yellow – A tiny passageway extending from A Site to A Link
  • Link – An L-shaped space connects a Site to a B Site. It also serves as one of the ways from Defenders Side Spawn to B Site.

2. Deciphering the B-Site

The B-Site, placed between A and C, presents a unique difficulty. Attackers must dominate the central zone and pressure defenders from all angles.

Your squad must work together because the B-Site may be assaulted from various directions.

To stay ahead, take advantage of your skills and collaborate with others.

Callouts B-Site

  • Boost – Three layers of boxes piled in a line along the wall. Agents like Jett and Raze can advance and take advantage of high sightlines.
  • Tetris – A massive building in the center of B Site. It is a big piece of cover that provides some Agents with elevation.
  • Back – Site B’s back portion has a cubby with a wall for concealment.

3. Cracking the C-Site

On the right side of the map, you’ll find the C-Site. While it offers less cover compared to A, it compensates with a vast area and distance.

It makes it ideal for snipers. As an attacker, you can choose between C-Garage and C-Long as entry points.

Utilize flashes, dashes, or teleports to rush inside or catch defenders off guard.

Callouts C-Site

  • Lobby – An open space leading from Attacker Side Spawn to C Sites.
  • Cubby – A large cubby located in the center of C lengthy
  • Long – A path that leads from the Attacker’s Side Spawn into C Site, having lengthy sightlines.
  • Site Cover – A zone in the center of C Site that provides protection.
  • Connector – A tiny corridor that connects C Site to the Garage.
  • Dragon – A little courtyard space connecting C Long and C Lobby.
  • Garage – Enclosed chamber linking C Site to Mid – also known as C Short
  • Logs – Stack logs on top of wooden crates to acquire high ground.
  • Plat – Elevated platform at the far end of C Site.
  • Ramp – A small set of steps running from Defenders Side Spawn Barriers into C Site.
  • Tetris – Block wall near C Site cover

Attack on Valorant Haven.

The Defense: Guarding Your Territory

Being adaptable is essential when defending on Haven. You have two choices: go aggressive and attempt to get those early kills or intel, or play it cool and wait for the attackers to make their move.

Also, pay attention to your agent’s talents; they can significantly impede the bad guys from reaching the bomb sites.

Defense in Valorant Haven.

Selecting the Ideal Agents

On the Haven map, agent selection is critical. Here are some suggestions:

  • Duelist: Jett’s agility and accuracy make her an excellent candidate for fagging out and seizing control.
  • Sentinels: Consider Killjoy and Cypher for their defensive abilities and capacity to acquire crucial information.
  • Controller: Omen shines with his smokes and teleportation skills, allowing him to control the battlefield and disrupt opponent strategies.
  • Initiators: Sova and Breach are effective initiation techniques for disorienting opponents and creating opportunities.

Is Haven a Defender-sided or Attacker-sided Map?

Haven achieves a balance between attackers and defenders in Valorant.

While the three bomb locations favor attackers, the correct Agents and clever techniques may also benefit defenders.

It all comes down to adaptation and collaboration. So, is it on the defender’s or the attacker’s side? The solution is in your hands!

Haven can be an intense battleground for both sides if you coordinate effectively and strategize intelligently, making it a fascinating map for any Valorant player.

Final Words

Becoming a Haven map pro in Valorant is a thrilling and challenging endeavor. Whether you’re assaulting or defending, understanding the complexities of this unique battlefield is the key to victory.

Put your squad together, choose your agents wisely, and enter into Haven’s unique gameplay. Get ready for some serious fun!

Happy fragging!

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