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Elden Ring Soft Caps For All Stats and Attribute

Forge a formidable hero by understanding Elden Ring soft caps for stats and attributes. Our guide empowers you to tailor your character’s journey.



elden ring soft caps

Hey there, brave Elden Ring spirits! Ready to dive into the thorny world of character stats and attributes? Well, you’re in for a treat because we’re about to unravel the mysteries of Elden Ring soft caps.

Elden Ring Soft caps are similar to those magical restrictions that determine how much a specific stat or characteristic may increase before encountering diminishing returns.

It’s the equivalent of leveling up your favorite RPG character. You can also upgrade your RPG character by acquiring Somber Smithing Stones.

So grab your sword, polish your shield, and join me to discover the Elden Ring soft caps and their qualities and mysteries!

What is Elden Ring Soft Cap?

Elden Ring introduces the concept of soft caps, a key gameplay mechanism that influences attribute growth.

These soft caps represent the point at which additional investment in a core feature offers decreasing rewards.

This design style discourages players from focusing only on one quality, promoting a more well-rounded approach.

As you assign runes to traits like Vigour, Mind, Endurance, Strength, and others, they hit Elden Ring soft caps before reaching the hard cap at level 99.

This intentional design assures balanced player growth and promotes investigation of the game’s systems, appealing to dedicated and casual gamers.

Also, Melina can assist players in leveling up their stats. After reaching the Gatefront Site of Grace, she will come to the player.

Elden Ring’s soft caps define the dynamic balance of qualities, creating a sophisticated and fascinating gaming experience.

Elden Ring Soft Caps for All Stats

Here are the current Elden Ring soft caps, courtesy of devoted Reddit users and gamers.

These limits apply to the eight significant traits that may be improved using Runes obtained from vanquished opponents in The Lands Between.

Let’s get started on adequately developing your character. I’ll start with some general information about each soft cap, then go into more depth on how they operate for each attribute.

1. Vigor

elden ring soft caps

The Vigour stat is important in Elden Ring, defining a character’s health capacity and improving fire defense and Immunity.

Unlike previous titles, Vigour considerably increases health up to level 40, suggesting a focus on durability against high-damage late-game adversaries.

Gains are significant until level 60, with an uncommon hard maximum of 90.

Decisions must be made to balance weapon upgrades and survival against difficult bosses.

  • First Soft Cap: Level 40 (HP gain decreases from 26 to 13 per level up)
  • Second Soft Cap: Level 60 (HP gained is 5 or 6 per level up)
  • Third Soft Cap: Level 90 (HP acquired is 3 or 4 per level up)
  • Hard Cap: Level 99

2. Mind

elden ring soft caps

Mind, a vital characteristic in Elden Ring, determines a character’s FP or Focus Points.

It also affects the Focus stat, which influences Sleep and Madness resistance.

From level 50 to 60, Mind’s FP improves substantially, rewarding those who devote to it and offering access to Spirits, Ashes of War, and spells.

  • First Soft Cap: Level 20 (FP gained per level up is 6)
  • Second Soft Cap: Level 50 (FP gained is 8 or 9 per level up)
  • Third Soft Cap: Level 55 (FP gain decreases from 7 to 4 per level up)
  • Fourth Cap: Level 60 (FP gained is 2 or 3 per level up)
  • Hard Cap: Level 99

3. Endurance

elden ring soft caps

Endurance, a vital attribute, significantly impacts stamina in gaming.

It is valuable for Dark Souls veterans since it is helpful for attack, defense, and movement. Endurance influences physical security, toughness, and equip load.

Stamina increases vary in progression, alternating points until Level 50, then fewer points every three levels.

Its unique measurement results in moderate soft caps and a strong hard cap impact.

  • First Soft Cap: Level 12 (Get 1 and 2 Stamina alternatively each level up)
  • Second Soft Cap: Level 18 (Get 2 and 1 Stamina alternatively each level up)
  • Third Soft Cap: Level 32 (Get 1 and 2 Stamina alternatively each level up)
  • Fourth Cap: Level 50 (Get 1 Stamina per three-level up)
  • Hard Cap: Level 99
  • Stamina: Level 50
    First Equip load Cap: Level 25
  • Second Equip Load Cap: Level 60

4. Strength

elden ring soft caps

Strength affects gear functionality and potency in addition to the visible stats on your HUD.”

Some extraordinary things have higher stats than the caps, suggesting a significant power investment.

This direct trait increases damage output while decreasing physical damage suffered.

  • First Soft Cap: Level 20
  • Second Soft Cap: Level 55
  • Third Soft Cap: Level 80
  • Hard Cap: Level 99

5. Dexterity

elden ring soft caps

Dexterity parallels Strength in Elden Ring, allowing the use of Dexterity-focused weapons and increasing damage.

It improves defenses, body-linked resistance, casting speed, fall damage, and resistance to Torrent knocks.

Allocating points might be helpful outside of Dexterity builds.

  • First Soft Cap: Level 20
  • Second Soft Cap: Level 55
  • Third Soft Cap: Level 80
  • Hard Cap: Level 99

6. Intelligence

elden ring soft caps

Intelligence is the crucial stat for magic in Elden Ring. Elevating Intelligence not only improves spellcasting and unlocks advanced gear, but it also improves magic defense.

It’s vital to realize that spell damage scaling has separate caps, affecting magic knights and spellcasters’ strategies.

  • First Soft Cap: Level 20
  • Second Soft Cap: Level 55
  • Third Soft Cap: Level 80
  • First Sorcery Cap: Level 60
  • Second Sorcery Cap: Level 80
  • Hard Cap: Level 99

7. Faith

elden ring soft caps

Faith is Dexterity’s equivalent in the realm of talents, mirroring Intelligence.

It grants access to new spells and increases magic resistance, allowing the use of Faith-based weapons and enchantments.

It’s a question of personal style and decision for players, similar to Intelligence.

  • First Soft Cap: Level 20
  • Second Soft Cap: Level 55
  • Third Soft Cap: Level 80
  • First Incantation Cap: Level 60
  • Second Incantation Cap: Level 80
  • Hard Cap: Level 99

8. Arcane

elden ring soft caps

Arcane, Dark Souls’ inventive successor to Luck, boosts Discovery for higher item drops.

It serves a distinct purpose by increasing holy defense, bleed accumulation, gear power, and vitality protection.

While technically a magic stat, Arcane is unique in that it scales with just a few spells, making it complicated and unorthodox.

  • First Soft Cap: Level 20
  • Second Soft Cap: Level 55
  • Third Soft Cap: Level 80
  • First Incantation Cap: Level 30
  • Second Incantation Cap: Level 45
  • Hard Cap: Level 99

Let’s Wrap Up!

Understanding these Elden Ring soft caps is the key to unlocking your full ability, from wielding tremendous weapons to channeling magical powers.

So, while you journey across the Elden Ring realms, appreciate the delicate balance of stats and characteristics – and let your legend emerge!

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