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How to Complete Skyrim Blood on the Ice Side Quest

Master the Skyrim Blood on the Ice side quest! Uncover the true murderer, claim the powerful Necromancer’s Amulet, and triumph with our guide..



skyrim blood on the ice

Skyrim is a vast world filled with various adventures, and Skyrim Blood on the Ice is one of the most fascinating side missions you may find.

Have you ever wished to be an investigator in the Elder Scrolls universe? This quest allows you to accomplish precisely that!

This fascinating quest delves into the dark alleyways of Windhelm, unraveling a tale of murder, intrigue, and cunning.

If you’re excited to begin this journey but need help knowing where to start, don’t worry!

Hackzon walks you through the twists and turns, ensuring you apprehend the deadly killer and restore justice to the city.

Let’s unlock the secrets of Skyrim Blood on the Ice together!

Walkthrough on Skyrim Blood on the Ice Quest

The Blood on the Ice quest is a well-known Skyrim side quest in the city of Windhelm and tasks the player with determining the identity of a dangerous serial murderer.

It distinguishes itself as a self-directed detective task, requiring the player to conduct investigation work to find the perpetrator.

However, there is the chance of making inaccurate judgments, which adds ambiguity to the search.

Skyrim, with its mysterious world and captivating quests, has won the hearts of Elder Scrolls enthusiasts all around the globe.

While dragons and the main quest line gained much attention when the game emerged, several fantastic side missions were ignored.

This essay aims to illuminate the complexities of the Skyrim Blood on the Ice quest, a gripping tale of murder, mystery, and intrigue.

As they progress through the mission, players will find themselves as a detective, making critical decisions that might lead to justice or false allegations.

So let’s get in and explore this fascinating journey together!

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The Blood on Ice quest occurs in Windhelm’s extreme northeast corner of the map.

Notable Loot

  • The Necromancer’s Amulet
  • Hjerim

How to Start Skyrim Blood on the Ice Quest?

The Blood on the Ice side quest in The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim begins in Windhelm.

To begin the quest, players must visit Windhelm many times, and a counter will keep track of these trips. The quest will start when the counter hits 5.

Alternatively, players can enter Windhelm between 7 p.m. and 7 a.m. to find a city guard investigating a recent killing.

The adventure centers around investigating a series of horrible murders, and players must gather clues, ask witnesses, and explore the crime scene to discover who the perpetrator is.

Players will confront hurdles and plot twists as the investigation progresses, making the Skyrim Blood on the Ice quest an exciting and intriguing journey.

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How to Complete Skyrim Blood on the Ice Quest?

1. Examine the Crime Scene and Find a Killer

In Skyrim, players must operate under Jorleif’s authority to investigate a murder scene in Windhelm’s graveyard to discover a culprit.

They follow a blood trail to the Hall of the Dead and meet with Helgird, who finds odd embalming tool markings on the victim’s body.

The trail goes to Hjerim Manor, the former home of Friga, another victim.

To enter Hjerim, players can pick a Master lock or receive the key from Friga’s mourning mother, Tova Shatter-Shield.

As the story grows, players must collect evidence and clues to identify the elusive culprit and put them to justice.

2. Head Inside Hjerim and Look for the Clues

To continue the inquiry, there are two options for getting entrance to Hjerim: picking the lock or receiving the key from Tova Shatter-Shield, whose daughter originally owned the property.

Once entering, the player will notice blood stains on the floor and a chest pressed against the wall.

Exploring the house exposes numerous vital spots, including a chest with the first Butcher’s Journal, a tiny shelf collecting “Beware the Butcher” leaflets and the hidden Strange Amulet beneath, and a wardrobe with a fake rear panel.

By removing the panel, you may see the Butcher’s secret murder chamber, which is horrifyingly decorated with body parts and Blood.

The player discovers the second Butcher’s Journal and horrifying proof of the killer’s evil actions on an altar.

The Dragonborn is drawn further into the mystery of the Skyrim Blood on the Ice quest as the trail of evidence gets increasingly frightening.

3. Viola’s Crusade

Locate the author of the “Beware the Butcher!” brochure, Viola, and discuss the killings with her.

You decide to examine Hjerim, the manor where the pamphlets were discovered.

Viola discovers a hidden area soaked with Blood and strange things associated with ancient necromancy.

After reading the Butcher’s writings, you accuse Wuunferth, the court wizard, of being the murderer.

Viola recommends against facing him alone and instead reports to Jorleif.

Remember to look for a Strange Amulet concealed behind more pamphlets since it contains a great prize.

Calixto later informs you that the amulet is a Wheelstone linked to the court magician and his rumored necromantic practices.

4. Arrest and Speak With Wuunferth

In Skyrim’s Blood on the Ice adventure, players can accompany Jorleif and the guards as they arrest Wuunferth, the court magician of Windhelm.

Despite his protests, Wuunferth enables the guards to arrest him.

After a few days in-game, another young woman’s body is discovered outside Candlehearth Hall, prompting the player to believe they arrested the incorrect person.

The player can confront Wuunferth in jail or report their suspicions to the steward, naming him the murderer.

When Wuunferth is engaged, he denies being a necromancer and rejects the diary and amulet proof.

He discloses that the amulet is the renowned Necromancer’s Amulet and divulges vital information about the killer’s next victim.

With this information, the player is told to patrol the Stone Quarter at night to capture the Butcher in the act and stop the homicidal spree.

5. Catching the Butcher

Players go to Candlehearth Hall and Windhelm’s marketplace at night to witness an attempted murder.

Despite a guard nearby, players must interfere to save the victim.

Players discover the Necromancer’s Amulet and a key on the body of the Butcher, revealed to be Calixto, after beating him.

While investigating his residence, they find the Butcher Journal 3, showing his motivation to revive his dead sister using young women’s body parts.

Jorleif thanks you on behalf of Windhelm, progressing the quest “Skyrim Blood on the Ice.”

6. The Necromancer’s Amulet

The Necromancer’s Amulet is the major prize for completing Skyrim’s Blood on the Ice quest.

To get it, players must sell the Strange Amulet to Calixto, have Wuunferth identify it, then reclaim it after beating Calixto.

The amulet offers +50 Magicka, reduces Conjuration spell costs by 25%, but reduces Health and Stamina restoration by 75% when worn.

It’s an effective tool for low-level necromancers, although it may not suit those using Bound melee weapons.

Our Thoughts

So there you have it – the thrilling adventure of finishing Skyrim’s Blood on the Ice side quest!

You used your investigative abilities and bravery to scour Windhelm’s dark alleys in search of the evil Butcher.

So, gear up, Dragonborn, and let the next chapter of your epic journey unfold!

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